Wholesale Lotion Bars

What is a Lotion Bar?

Our Lotion Bars are one of our completely pure products.  These moisturizing treatments contain only 5 ingredients; shea butter, cocoa butter, bees wax, sweet almond oil and essential oil or natural aroma compound.  The is no added water, so no need for even the gentle preservative we use in some of our lotions.

How to use a Lotion Bar?

  • It is not meant to be used all over the body but rather as an intensive treatment for the hands, feet, knees and elbows.​

  • As you rub a lotion bar on your hands, it begins to release moisturizing deliciousness.​

  • The rich oils will help to soften rough, dry, callused and even cracked skin.

  • The more you rub, the more you get.

Why use a Lotion Bar?​

  • The skin on the hands and feet is the thickest on the body and thick skin doesn't absorb moisturizers as easily as other body parts.  In order to penetrate this thicker layer, the moisturizer needs to be heavy and rich with longer staying power.  When a richer blend of butters is given the time to rest on the skins surface it will gradually soften the surface and penetrate deeper into the underlying layers.

  • Hand washing is vital to germ control and wellness.  Unfortunantly, repeated washing, especially with harsh cleansers, can cause drying and cracking of the skin and delicate cuticles around the nails.  A good rich Lotion Bar can repair hands that require excessive washing.

  • Lets not forget the feet...  Many people live life in sandals and that can be brutal on the heels and toe nails.  Lotion bars are the perfect answer to what can only be decribed as crustly feet.  When applied at bedtime, a lotion bar will work it's magic while you sleep.







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