• Adaptogen Blend Herbal Powder 3oz

  • Arnica Lotion 2 oz

  • Arnica Lotion 4oz

  • Arnica Lotion 8 oz

  • Bath Salts 10oz

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    Bum Spray 2oz

  • Product image

    Foot Therapy with Arnica

  • Product image

    Good Day Oil 2oz

  • Product image
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    Good Heart Oil

  • Good Night Oil 2oz

  • Grave Robber Wash (2oz) single

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    Grave Robber’s Spray (12oz)

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    Nail Therapy

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    Peppermint Cooling Mist 8 oz

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    Poison Vine Relief (2oz)

  • Soothing Calendula Lotion 2oz

  • Soothing Salve 1oz

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    Tea Tree Oil 1/3 oz

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    Tea Tree Oil 1oz

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    Yarrow & Aloe Gel with CBD (4oz)


These are top of the line healing remedies.

The ingredients are therapeutic grade with extra attention to healing properties. We include oils, that we infuse ourselves, to ensure exceptional strength and quality. Our goal is to improve your health and well-being naturally.

Herbal remedies incorporate beneficial constituents found in natures plant world.​

These components can be extracted and combined to assist with a variety of everyday challenges.  The magic of “plant medicine” can help us by…

  • addressing skin irritations with anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and antiseptic properties.

  • calming the mind and assisting with stress and anxiety through adaptagenic actions.

  • easing pain and discomfort with analgesic elements.

  • promoting restful sleep and healing by incorporating relaxing nervines.

Why choose herbal treatments? ​

Herbs are a wonderful way to address imbalance in the body. Interestingly, individual herbs contain multiple constituents that help to correct imbalance. An imbalance in the body will occur when there is illness, injury, or even a disturbance caused by external stimuli. Unlike modern medicine, that is frequently formulated to address a single concern, herbs are able to send many messages to an assortment of neurotransmitter receptors (throughout the body) and communicate where and how to help heal and rebalance the disparity.

When considering an herbal remedy one should always...

  • read up and take into consideration your individual needs.

  • consider speaking with your health professional concerning your current medications.

  • be aware of known considerations of any herbs you are interested in trying.

  • know that you are the one in control of your health and it is a most important responsibility.

​This information is educational purposes only. It has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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