Herbal Teas for Relaxation​

  • CBD for Rest & Relaxation

    Relax & Rest Gift Set

  • Tranquil Tea 1.5 oz

  • Namas Tea 1.5 oz

  • Damiana Tea 1 oz

  • The Big Chill Herbal Tea 1.3oz


CBD Oils, Salts & Lotions​

  • CBD for Rest & Relaxation

    Relax & Rest Gift Set

  • CBD Hard Candy / Pack of 10 / 100mg

  • CBD Throat Lozenges / Pack of 10 / 200mg

  • Holy Herba Honey

  • Support circulation and energy

    Intimacy Oil with Hemp Extract

  • CBD Chocolates 33mg

  • Product image

    Yarrow & Aloe Gel with Hemp Extract (4oz)

  • Product image

    Hemp Kiss 58mg .15oz

  • CBD Bath Salts 70 mg

  • CBD Bath Salts 140 mg

  • Product image

    CBD Bath Salt 21 mg

  • Product image

    CBD Bath Salt 42 mg

  • CBD Bath Salt 35 mg

  • Product image

    CBD Bath Salt 10.5mg

  • CBD Lotion 500mg 4oz

  • CBD Lotion 250 mg 2oz

  • 2000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1 oz

  • CBD Oil 1000mg 1 oz

  • Product image

    CBD Oil 2000mg 1 oz

  • Product image

    CBD 500 mg 1 oz

  • Product image

    250mg CBD Oil 1oz (unflavored)


Adaptogen Blends​

  • Holy Herba Honey

  • Support circulation and energy

    Intimacy Oil with Hemp Extract

  • CBD Chocolates 33mg

  • Product image

    Good Day Oil 2oz

  • Adaptogen Blend Herbal Powder 3oz


Create a Calming Space​

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety?

Well, you are not alone.  It is definitely a common concern among adults as well as children.  It can hit you right in the face at any given time and cause you minor discomfort to total debilitation.  Regardless of the level of symptoms, the point is you can help yourself recover, regroup and move forward.

There are many possible solutions to dealing with stress and anxiety.

Keyword being “dealing with”.   The struggle IS real and when helping yourself you need to remember to carry as many tools as you can.  A variety of solutions can broaden your success rate.

Considering an herbal tea opens up an entourage of benefits in one cup.

Herbs like all plants have a number of constituents that can assist.  And when you ingest an herbal blend, that targets a specific need, you are getting all the good from all the plants involved.  The blend makes a family of helpers.  It is important to understand that herbs have varying strengths and most herbal teas offer a gentle nudge in the right direction, so repeated use will gradually benefit the body over time.

CBD Extractions are all the rage so its important to know and trust your source.

CBD comes from yet another plant.  The industrial hemp plant is full of encouraging constituents and is indeed an herb.  It is a bit of a conundrum in that it falls in the adaptogen family (read more below about this) but also has the ability to relax the nervous system.  Keep in mind, CBD falls into three categories; Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate. 

  • Full Spectrum contains the entire entourage of properties from the plant (including trace amounts of THC).

  • Broad Spectrum contains the bulk of the entourage but has no THC.

  • CBD Isolate is only the isolated CBD extract and contains none of the other entourage contributors.

When you are considering CBD Extract, consider the possibility of drug testing.  If this is the case, you should only consider a Broad Spectrum or Isolate to secure success with a drug test for THC.  It is important to also note that consuming CBD will not get you high (sorry not sorry).

Adaptogens are darlings in the herbal community.

They are completely legal, create a calming and relaxing effect and can be readily found and consumed.  An adaptogen has the ability to enter the body through a tea, tincture, or oil, move into the bloodstream, and help the body deal with interior or external agitation.  Studies have shown that consuming adaptogens like ashwaganda can decrease feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. (Chandrasekhar, Kapoor, & Anishetty, 2012).  

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