The Big Chill Herbal Tea 1.3oz

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This Big Chill tea is sure to chill you out during or after a stressful day.


With a healthy dose of Damiana, which restores exhausted nerves, along with immune boosting Schisandra Berries, the restorative and balancing Ashwaganda Root, mood elevating Lemonbalm, and calming Chamomile and Lavender all mixed with a delicious Green Tea leaf; this tea is sure to help you relax and calm your mind and your body.


*May cause drowsiness*


100% Certified Organic Herbs

Contains: ilex paraguariensis (yerba mate), turnera diffusa (daminana), schisandra chinensis (schizandra), lavandula intermedia (lavender) buds, avena sativa (whole oat t

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2 reviews for The Big Chill Herbal Tea 1.3oz

  1. Alene Whitesides

    Nice tea to curl up on the couch at night relaxing before bedtime. Great smoothe flavor. Seems to satisfy my urge to snack at night so it’s a healthier choice. I use a little honey for sweetener.

  2. Nora Black

    I bought this the other day when went to Sunshine Farms and drank some last night. I enjoyed this cup of tea. It is smooth and great tasting. No bitter taste and really helped relax me for bedtime. Definitely on my list to keep on hand. Again, Sunshine Farms didn’t disappoint me.

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