Home Sweet Home Fragrance Set


Introducing our Home Fragrance Set.


1 Dryer Spray Refill and Reusable Dryer Sheet

1 Room Scent Refill

1 Diffuser Oil for electronic diffuser

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Give this gift of safe and natural home fragrance.  This set is perfect as a house warming, newlywed, and even new parent gift.  You will be assured that your gift will create a home sweet home without all the chemicals and additives found in so many commercial products.

Our Reusable Dryer Sheet Spray is an award winning item and one of our best sellers.  Each bottle comes with it’s own Dryer Sheet.  Simply spray the sheet and toss it in with your load.  It will tumble with your clothes and linens to infuse an amazing scent as well as emit a safe and natural scent throughout your laundry room and where ever your dryer vents.  Then when your dryer spray is all gone, place the dryer sheet under your car seat, in a closet, or draw to continue to enjoy until it completely looses it’s scent.  Do not wash the dryer sheet.

Also included is our Room Scents.  This concentration can be poured into any spray bottle and filled with 12 ounces of tap water (1 1/2 cups).  Just fill and shake so you will have a wonderful spray to to refresh a restroom, living space, gym locker, and even a stink old truck.

Lastly enjoy our concentrated Diffuser Oil for an electronic diffuser.  Just add a few drops and enjoy a lasting scent in any living space.  It’s great to add a few drops to a steaming pot of water, on the stove top, to refresh your kitchen space.  This oil blend can also be dropped onto a COLD light bulb.  Once applied, turn on the lamp and as the bulb heats up it will create a fragrance in your bedroom or office space.  WARNING:  DO NOT apply to a hot bulb as it will cause the bulb to explode.

If you would like more information about each fragrance choice, please click here.

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