What is a Lotion Bar?​

  • A Lotion Bar is simply lotion with no water.  It is a combination of butters, oils, and beeswax.​

  • It is not meant to be used all over the body but rather as an intensive treatment for the hands, feet, knees and elbows.​

  • As you rub a lotion bar on your hands, it begins to release moisturizing deliciousness.​

  • The rich oils will help to soften rough, dry, callused and even cracked skin.

  • The more you rub, the more you get.

A Note from Lisa:​​

I keep my lotion bar by the bed so I can apply at night and let it soak in as I sleep.​

Jim likes to have his lotion bar by the couch so he can give his hands an intensive treatment while he watches TV.​

(BTW his hands are softer than mine!)

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