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Talc Free Body Dust & Powder Puff

International award winning body powder offers a healthy alternative to conventional deodorant.

Comes with a handmade powder puff for easy application and offers moisture absorption and reduces chaffing.

Great for everyone in the family and perfect for hot sticky days and after showers. Available in 8 aromatic blends including unscented.

*Estimated Give Back $4.93

Moisture Mist
Naturally scented, plant based oils designed to ease dryness while offering a healthy alternative to perfumes. Perfect for heat and humidity with fast absorbing moisturizer and lingering fragrance. Just spray and go! *Estimated Give Back $4.26
Lotion Bar

A rich, intensive treatment for hands, feet, knees, and elbows.

A blend of plant based oils, butters, and bees wax makes this a solid lotion with no water.

The friction of rubbing and the heat of the skin causes this bar to slowly melt. The result is a slow absorption that creates a barrier, softens calluses; soothing rough, dried, and cracking skin.

The more you rub, the more you get.

*Estimated Give Back $3.30

Skin Lovin Lotion

Our smooth and creamy lotion for hands and body.

Enjoy a light and easily absorbing moisturizer with a subtle aromatic experience. Also available in unscented.

Contains a nourishing blend of plant based oils, water, essential oils, and natural aroma compounds.

*Estimated Give Back $4.93

Ultra-Hydrating Body Oil

A delicious blend of pure plant oils and subtle aromatic blends designed for after shower application.

Studies have shown, when skin is overly dry, a layer for oil before lotion will really escalate the benefits of moisturizing.

This body oil is light and gentle with a rapid absorption rate and applying to damp skin will visibly improve the results.

*Estimated Give Back $5.73

Sugar Scrub

Try exfoliating sugar granules suspended in an incredibly rich and luxurious blend of plant oils and butters.

This formula is emulsified so there is no runny oils and dripping sugar that slips through your fingers. Just a dense scoop that is easily massaged in to remove dry, flaking, and dead skin cells.

The results are visibly dramatic.

*Estimated Give Back $3.90

Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub

Sugar is sweet and has naturally occurring exfoliating acids and salt is full of beneficial minerals. The question is which is better for you?

The oil formula is the same but the granules are the difference.

Salts contain the ability to draw toxins from the skin, relieve muscle tension, and promote healthy skin. The down side is it can sting if introduced into a cut or scrape.

*Estimated Give Back $4.11

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    Mosquito Spray 8 oz (GB Fund Raising ONLY)

Skeeter Spray

One of our most popular products is our mosquito repellent.

The blend of plant oils and essential oils makes for a lightly moisturizing and easily absorbing spray.

The incorporation of citronella, cedar wood, eucalyptus, lemongrass, bourbon geranium and peppermint essential oils makes for a pleasant aroma for people but not mosquitoes. And there’s no sticky residue.

*Estimated Give Back $4.69

Dryer Sheet Spray

Winner of a 2019 Clean Choice Award; this is our number one selling product.

The spray comes with a reusable dryer sheet, that when spritzed and tossed in the dryer, will fragrance you laundry, laundry room, and venting area too.

No unwanted ingredients found in conventional dryer sheets and a healthy alternative for you and your family.

*Estimated Give Back $6.71

What People Are Saying

The lotion absorbs quickly and is not greasy. This lotion goes really well with the body oil and the fragrance lasts all day. Great product!!
Skin Lovin Lotion 8oz
I use unscented laundry detergent but miss a scent. I bought the dryer spray because it was a “clean” product. It is absolutely amazing. I bought the Sandalwood/Vanilla scent. My order came with a hand written thank you note which earned brownie point loyalty from me. I had a question about the spray nozzle which was answered immediately. I am so happy to support a family owned business
Dryer Sheet Spray 16oz
The sugar scrubs are fantastic. My favorite fragrances are Ginger, lavender, and frankincense. Been using them now for about 10 years. Very good for dry skin and mild enough to use on your face. Very consistent quality and the shipping is fast!
Sugar Scrub 16 oz

Our Natural Aromatic Blends

Imagine the aroma of basil combined with fresh citrus. A little bit of herb, a little bit of tang, a little bit of sweet all wrapped up in a citrus punch!

Discover the ancient art of Feng Shui with this harmonious blend of bamboo and cedar entwined with lemon, tangerine and ginger. Exotic, cooling, and refreshing.

Cotton is a symphony of cleanliness performed atop a newly hung clothes line equipped with a fresh blowing spring breeze. Imagine fresh, clean sheets and a cool night breeze.

Cucumber & Aloe has the wonderful green melon notes, with fruity apple and a touch of pineapple. The middle notes include white lily, wild violet, and fresh lavender. The base notes include soft, woody musk.

Top fruity notes of apple, grapefruit, peach and leafy greens; with middle notes of lily, lavender, rose and violet; and finally base notes with amber, sandalwood, and raspberry musk. A very popular choice.

Frankincense has a rich, spiced and sensual aroma while Myrrh is warm and vanilla like.  The blend is ancient and always a wise choice.

Imagine white blooms on a warm summer night wafting fragrance through the air. That is Gardenia! A very rich fragrance.

Lavender essential oil can be rather overpowering and almost medicinal in smell. This fragrance oil is not. It has the beautiful, spring fresh scent of lavender with a linen like finish.

 Lavender essential oil considered a timeless classic with it’s rich herbaceous aroma.  Patchouli essential oil is a strong, exotic, earthy scent with just a touch of spice.  Together they create a sensual experience like no other.

Light and refreshing orange coupled with warm and woodsy ginger creates a seductive and intriguing aromatic blend that is well suited for anyone.

If herbs are your thing, then this is your scent.  This essential oil blend is rich with rosemary and well complimented with the mild menthol aroma of spearmint. 

Our most frequently requested scent.  Warm, sexy, inviting and comforting are words most often used to describe it. Sandalwood, vanilla, oak, and moss work together to create this winner.

Consider a vacation in your laundry room.  There’s a tropical breeze with hints of coconut, almond, and vanilla.  All that’s missing is the umbrella.

Our unscented products are not totally scent free.  The use of plant based ingredients adds the natural aromas organically produced by the plants.  The results are very subtle but the discerning nose will notice the hint.

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