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Living with pain and discomfort can wreak havoc on your life.  Whether it is minor, temporary, or debilitating it certainly affects everything.  We understand that everyone's pain is different and there is no level of pain that should be disregarded.  What might be considered minimal pain to one person could be excruciating to another.  

Temporary pain and discomfort may be due to an extreme workout, muscle tension caused by a stressful day, or possibly stepping off a curb wrong.  Whatever the reason, this kind of pain should not be ignored or "pushed through".  It should be tended to and respected in order to avoid further damage and more pain.  Consider a warm soak in the bath with some good bath salts, a massage with an arnica lotion, or gentle warming or cooling with a heating pad or ice pack.

If you struggle with moderate to severe pain you can follow the above suggestions but also consider an oral arnica or CBD serving.  And of course, pain may require a visit and consultation with your physician.


It can not be overstated that when you have pain, you should take great care.  When the pain is reduced, due to a solution, don't forget that if you overdo it, the pain could come back worse.  It is never considered a good idea to disregard pain, even when it is everpresent in your life.  Remember to be kind to yourself and always know your limits.  It's not a fault, it's a fact and you don't want to make it worse.  It's best to exercise compassion and control.  







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